PFI Displays Launches “On Target” Division

PFI Displays Launches “On Target” Division

“We’ve identified a tremendous opportunity,” stated Vincent Tricomi, VP of Business Development. “With our strength at designing and manufacturing custom brand displays and environments to engage target consumers, we can offer innovative solutions to help brands drive market share gains and increase top line revenues.”

With the launch of “On Target Custom Dealer Displays,” PFI is leveraging its 40 year strength of helping clients enhance their brands at retail and, especially, within independent dealer locations.

“Achieving an agreement with dealers to feature your specific brand and accept a branded display solution into their unique environment requires a perfect arrangement: The design aesthetic, overall footprint and height; the appropriateness of branding; the assortment and quantity of product; and, in particular, the potential sales, revenue, and profit lift all have to align and come together flawlessly,” Mr. Tricomi added. “Flawless execution is our specialty.”

The creative visionaries at PFI and On Target have spent more than a year researching the industry, including attending local and national trade shows, conducting extensive site visits at dealer locations, and designing displays to solve specific challenges for new clients.

On Target’s Lead Creative Visionary Eric Ritz stated, “When you walk into a dealer location, you’re confronted with an overwhelming assortment of product and accessories. Our job is to develop a design that attracts attention while enhancing the brand, encouraging interaction, educating the consumer, and motivating a purchase.” Additionally, the displays must appeal to a wide range of consumers, from the unfamiliar new shoppers in the industry to the long-term, brand-loyal experts.

Whether your need is for an in-showcase, on counter, freestanding or interactive display, or even a store-in-store branded environment, PFI and On Target have the experience, innovative approach, and manufacturing capability pivotal to your success. No matter what your product, On Target by PFI Displays can provide you with a smart display solution to better merchandise and organize your products while enhancing the brand.