New Lights BRIGHTEN Bottom Line

Northeast Ohio manufacturer adds energy-efficient lighting to control costs and further its Green Initiatives

Efficiency, cost-cutting, and productivity are the orders of the day across all industries. Manufacturers like PFI Displays have streamlined their processes and material flows, and also found other ways to generate cost-savings. By looking above the factory floor, PFI found more cost efficiencies with revamped facility lighting solutions.

In 2008, PFI Displays expanded by adding a 104,000 square foot assembly, warehousing, and distribution center in Orville, Ohio. To fully utilize the space, PFI created a 24,000 square feet Work-Cell area. Here, employees assemble, wire, install customer products and conduct quality control checks on the company’s finished retail displays and trade show exhibits.

The first step for a functional Work-Cell was to increase the brightness of the area to accommodate the need to see more detail. So, PFI replaced the existing 400W Metal Halide lights with 6-Lamp T-8 color-correct fluorescent lighting. This solution dramatically increased the visibility in the Work-Cells and also realized significant energy-usage reductions and related cost savings.

T-8 lights are one of the most energy efficient lighting solutions. Anthony Tricomi, President, stated, “Our energy usage in the Work-Cell is now half of what it was with the metal halide lights.” Of course, that means PFI’s operating expense for lighting this area was also cut in half.

Mr. Tricomi added, “We’re proud to continue our commitment to limiting our impact on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint with PFI’s Green Initiative Program.”

PFI Displays is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. It specializes in designing and manufacturing custom retail displays and trade show exhibits. Started in 1970, the company now spans nearly 180,000 square feet in two facilities, with clients from many industries and countries.

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