Lovepop Displays

Philadelphia, PA At Suburban Station in Philadelphia, we knew we would only have seconds to capture the wonder and awe of commuters to transform them into consumers.  By incorporating bright lighting and colors, unique materials, and a wide ranging product assortment, we created an engaging environment to draw in foot traffic and create a magical moment. 

MACY’S Displays, Interiors

EASTON TOWN CENTER You can see below how the design for the department store shop evolved. 


Kitchen and Bath Showrooms, Independent Dealers For over 20 years, Merillat and Masco Cabinetry has relied on PFI for our trademark radical attention to detail, ability to work with and integrate client product, and so much more. Recently, we developed and patented a unique solution for integrating their products into selection centers.  Other successful display projects include a “Kitchen Visualization” …


PFIDisplays Displays

INDEPENDENT GUN DEALERS AND BIG BOX STORES The display evolved over many years, adopting different design styles as well angles of product presentation.

BORAL Displays


REEB Displays

WINDOW-RAMA AND OTHER BUILDING PRODUCTS SHOWROOMS Check out the time lapse video below of the PFI team’s on-site installation at the very Guided Showroom Experience