Retail displays

Attract, Engage, Educate and Sell At Retail


Retail is an exciting and ever-evolving space, whether your products are competing in showrooms, department stores, distributor locations, or any of the other countless environments that constitute “retail.”

Today’s shoppers are more discerning, have countless options, and demand much more from the retail environment than ever before. Whether it’s a homeowner remodeling her kitchen, or a professional tradesman searching for the right tool for the job, PFI helps brands attract, engage, educate, and sell within all types of retail environments. Contact Us to learn how the right retail display can turn a browser into a buyer.

In today’s COVID times, things are changing even more rapidly. If consumers are choosing to enter a physical, bricks and mortar location, they are going to have many expectations, from safety and sanitation to even ease of finding what they’re looking for. We can’t forget the importance of the in-store experience.

So, retailers that need help communicating safety messages, say for 6’ social distancing guidelines: We can help. Or if you want to talk through some ways to protect your employees, like partitions, let’s talk. We are all in this together, and our hope is that our ability to design, build, and install across a wide set of parameters can be helpful during this time.

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