Custom Interiors

Commercial, Retail, Office, Educational, and Specialty


From corporate lobbies to retail showrooms, museums to colleges and high schools, PFI is recognized for its ability to design for the visitors’ experience while creating an on-brand environment.

As a turnkey partner to our clients, we design a unique solution to their parameters, objectives, and challenges. We manufacture everything in our Northeast Ohio facility, which helps insure an easy, minimally disruptive installation on site.

During this COVID crisis, we’re using our unique skill set to create safety solutions for retailers, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and anywhere public interactions occur. We are happy to contribute to the safety and security of our clients and our communities. From simple plexiglass partitions at cash registers or hotel check-ins, to partition walls in restaurants to help increase capacity, we can quickly adjust to your specific needs or ideas. Of course, workspace separations, safety signage, and other office enhancements also fall into our wheelhouse. So, don’t hesitate to call or write and start a dialogue today about how we can help.

Featured Product Examples