Meet Some of Our Team

Eric Ritz
Senior Industrial Designer

Eric is always designing, whether it’s a part for one of his custom cars or creative ways to bring marketing programs to life.  His designs have been seen on tradeshow floors and in retail stores across the country. Not only is he a pro when it comes to brainstorming, marketing strategy and industrial design, but he can also advise a team on where to find the best tacos in town.

Vincent Tricomi
VP of Business Development

Vince was incredibly jealous of Jared’s man-bun, but he feels redeemed anytime he beats Jared at Crossfit.  Vince loves the creative process, even though his scribbles leave much to the imagination.
His real strength, though, lies in uncovering new strategies by connecting seemingly disparate threads.

Pam Yost
Account Manager

An essential member of the sales team, Pam outworks us all and is resolutely upbeat!  She is the embodiment of PFI’s commitment to “radical attention to every detail.”

Jim Tricomi, Jr.
Account Representative

Easily the fittest guy at PFI, Jim’s desk is the place when you’re craving healthy snacks. He also feeds off of the excitement inherent in initial meetings with new people and discovering what might be possible.

Jared Abston
Account Representative

Jared… he used to have a man bun… need we say more?  He’s overcome that initial misstep and transformed into the fresh young face of PFI and a tireless advocate for his clients.

Jim Tricomi, Sr.
Senior VP Sales

Our resident Jokester is also the guy to consult when it comes to all things food-related.  You’ll put on weight just hearing him describe great food!  But when it’s time to strategize, from the big picture to the smallest detail, Jim brings a wealth of experience and know-how to the table.

Anthony Tricomi
President and CEO

Since his first job sweeping up at a barber shop, Tony’s tireless work ethic has generated incredible results for PFI and our clients.  His favorite thing to do with his free time:  fearlessly trek to Five Below and Starbucks with his 6 grandkids.  Tony continues as the leading example of what his father instilled in our company’s DNA:  No one will ever outwork PFI Displays.