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The PFI Difference

Customer Intimacy, Flawless Execution.

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Our owner-active third generation family business treats clients just like family

For 43 years, our clients have relied on us to solve their complex marketing challenges. Our diverse, multinational clientele, spanning a wide array of industries, depend upon the value we consistently deliver.

Below, we've listed five attributes that briefly describe what differentiates PFI…

Customer Intimacy

As an extension of your marketing team we become intimate with your business to fully comprehend your goals, products and services, and, most importantly, your customers.

Overcoming Complexity

We solve footprint, modularity and scalability challenges while solving complex needs like interactivity, product installation, wired or "load bearing" products, running water…

Unflinching Integrity

Our owner-active third generation family business treats clients just like …family. We respect them for their experience, appreciate their business and value the integral role we play in their marketing success. Family is always honest.

"From the construction to the 'remodeling,' you have been a solid display house for us and we appreciate the quality and work you do."

Coltene/Whaledent Inc.
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Unique, Manufacturing-based Culture

Our founder was a craftsman by trade. Knowing how to build things right is in our Brand DNA.

Radical Attention to Every Detail

Our reputation of executing flawlessly for our customers, from concept through completion, is unparalleled.

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