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Designed for today's time-challenged event manager, ExhibitAssist saves time and reduces expenses by quickly tapping into all your event related information. Through its 24/7 web access capabilities, ExhibitAssist allows team members to communicate and exchange information as events are planned, executed and measured. You'll have a seamless flow of event information that puts every critical detail related to your event strategy at your fingertips. You can easily:

  • Analyze and report each event's return on investment
  • Organize trade show schedules, graphics, properties and records
  • Manage show leads
  • Reduce task and labor redundancies
  • Create detailed records of budgets and actual expenses
  • Collaborate with team members 24/7 from any location
  • Meet a multitude of event deadlines
  • Develop a disaster recovery back up system
  • Communicate show schedules and information
  • Access inventory in real time
  • Retrieve archived event data from prior years

ExhibitAssist puts you in real-time control, allowing you to improve the success of your event program.

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